** Notice March 2020: Due to current events I am now offering remote support for all your tech needs. I am avail for phone and if needed remote access support. I understand we are all relying on our technology more than ever and will work solve any issues you may be having **


Looking for professional graphics, including company branding, web design, social media? I can point you in the right direction to people I've personally used and some of my clients have used. Don't wait to get your ideas implemented! And please don't use this current website as any example of their work (!) I haven't implemented my new logo and design at this point as I've been to busy (aren't we all)!


Need a website? I can help. I no longer build websites but am able to get you going in the right direction with the right people and services.

Great Website Resources

Squarespace would be my first choice

Kerstin Martin is great resource for help with all things Squarespace